SK-II Product FAQ

SK-II Product FAQ

Q : Why are there so many samples of sk-ii product available for sale?
A : As our supplier is one of the biggest importers for branded cosmetics, we can buy the goods in bulk at low prices and sell them at promotional prices.

Q : Why is it that you can sell the products at such low prices?
A : As our supplier have direct network connection with the country of origin of the products, we are able to save and cut down on cost incurred with middlemen.

Q : How can you convince me that your product is new and genuine?
A : Batch code can be found printed on all cosmetic and skincare products. It identifies and indicates the manufactured date of the product. If you wish to clarify the manufactured date of the product, you can visit any of the cosmetics counter available at department stores and compare the batch number or expiry date of our product. Expiry date of product is usually three (3) years from the manufactured date.

Q : Why choose sample size?
A : Price of sample size product is definitely lower than normal size. Good news for travellers. Sample size is light to carry and minimize space in the luggage bag. Our sample size qualifies for hand-carry in the airplane, especially since the volume in sample size contains less than 100ml.
(Requirement by Airline Regulation Of Singapore is “Each bottle must not carry a quantity more than 100ml for hand-carry into the airplane”.)

Q : Color is different from the website.
A : Please understand that there may be some slight color variation in the product between the website and the actual product due to your monitor setting. We will try our best to reflect the truest colour as much as possible.

Q : Are they genuine?
A : Our supplier takes pride in selling true and genuine products. We will not sell any fake or imitation goods.

Q : The price has increased from the last time I ordered.
A : We constantly strive to keep our prices constant. However, we may have to adjust our selling price from time to time as prices increase. Prices will change without notice.